Probiotic Starters

Does anyone have kefir grains, a kombucha SCOBY or a sourdough starter to share? If I get these growing does anyone want mine?

Also, if you’d like to share in my blazing hot pepper harvest in a couple months, let me know.

What “blazing hot” peppers?

Carolina Reaper and Ghost.

I have a sourdough starter, and am happy to give you some.


Let me know when you will be at DMS. If I can’t meet you right then, could you put it in the fridge?

Sure thing. I will try to take some up to DMS and place it in the fridge sometime before Friday, April 19. Will place your name on the container. Will let you know when I’ve taken it to DMS.


I have three different sourdough starters available. Stone ground whole wheat, Stone Ground Rye, and my own specialty High Protein Legume wheat blend (35% protein)

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Which one do you suggest? Will you be at DMS this weekend? Or can you just leave some for me in the fridge?

Can you tell me more about why you created the legume wheat blend? Would I have to feed it legumes, or would regular flour be ok?

Do you want any frozen hot peppers?

I’ll be at DMS from about Noon -10pm today. I’ll be in the jewlery area. You can recognize me by my motorcycle gear. We can discuss your needs and I’ll bring you a custom starter. The legume is for high protein breads I invented. They have more than double the protein of grilled sirloin steak, but yes you feed it and use it with a special mix I manufacture.

I’ll also bring a standard starter with me today. Running a bit behind but I’ll be there by 1:00pm

I’ll be putting my starter in the fridge by or before 4:00pm today.

Geez, last year my Habanero plants crossed with my Jalafuegos, and that was enough to drop me to my knees.

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That sounds fun, Yum!

I have kefir grains I can give you. It’ll take me a week or 2 to grow them a little, since I recently gave some away. I’ve had mine going for 16 years now!

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Thanks for the offer, Pete! I was just thinking about buying some, but yours with the history will be way more awesome!

Do you like hot peppers? I should be getting lots of them this year. Or pepper jelly?

I love hot peppers, jelly not so much. I plant mostly scotch bonnets (got seeds directly from Jamaica. I’ll have kefir grains ready next week, I’ll let you know when they’re ready.

Did you get enough sourdough starter? I’m headed up again today and can bring one.

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Jerry, I got kefir ready for you. I’m available most evenings and not far from the DMS. Let me know when you are available.

I’m here now. I have a class from 7 to 8, but if you left it in the fridge I’d get it after.

It’s in the fridge in the break room. Bottom shelf with your name on it