Prereqes for throwing 102


I wanted to take Throwing 102: Mugs but was told I didn’t meet the prerequisites. I have previously taken Crash Course in Pottery (intro to throwing on the wheel), is this a sufficient prereq? If so, the event or my account might need an update.

Thank you!

Hi Michael,
Each teacher is responsible for their own approvals and setting their own skill expectation of the student.
Can you tell me when this class is scheduled for and who the teacher is so I can touch base with them on expectations and skill set?

It’s Sun the 13th with Ross @AvalancheOfFox
This course was NOT configured to fulfill a prerequisite.

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thanks @jast. Does it make sense to go back and reconfigure it or manually grant me the permission?

Thank you,

To be perfectly frank, neither.
IF that course SHOULD have been configured to grant a pre-req, the instructor and the chair of the committee can open a conversation with Infrastructure about that where we can determine a course of action.
@Liamluu and @coffeebean : PM me if you wish to discuss.

Yes, I am waiting to hear back- usually we just require instructor approval on students’ admittance.

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I can update you.


You should be good to go now