Powermatic 66 "riving knife" observations

A bit of info about this subject …
While the PM66 table saw is a fabulous machine, it pre-dates the time that manufacturers built saws that have a riving knife. It does accommodate a “splitter”. The difference is that a riving knife moves up and down with the blade … which you can observe on the SawStop. A splitter is a constant height device.

The splitter currently in use on the PM66 is very tall … significantly taller than the blade at maximum height. It would make more sense to have a splitter that is even or a bit shorter than the max blade height. That would permit a sled to work without having to add bulk to the sled and otherwise modify it to create a large rear kerf. Such are available toward the bottom of this web page: http://thesharkguard.com/orderpm66.html

In addition, the handle for the bolt on the existing splitter can interfere (lift) the blade insert when the blade is tilted to 45 degrees. If a replacement splitter has the same problem, then need a volunteer to craft a better solution for the bolt.

Would also be worthwhile to post a picture of how it attaches … not complicated, but maybe not quite intuitive either.


Can this be purchased directly, or does it need to be added as an agenda item for the next wood shop committee meeting?

the price is well within the authority of the Chair to purchase without a vote.

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The current splitter is from Sharkguard.

There were originally three different sizes of splitter, two have disappeared. And the quick change lever for the splitter is broken. It is also a Sharkguard part.

So as you may have guessed the splitter issues are being addressed. So replacement parts will be ordered this week from Sharkguard. In addition we are going to try and find material for making splitters that fit wit the current Sharkguard configuration.

Stay tuned for the updates

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