Powdercoating Training?

I took the old powdercoating training on the old old oven, but it looks like a refresher is in order for the new equipment. I don’t see a class on the events calendar – is there one in the works or is this another one where I could just meet somebody onsite for an update/refresher and then be square to use the equipment as a responsible adult? Gracias.


I’ve just taken on the responsibility for training. I’ve set a goal of developing and holding a class in the next month or sooner. Got a few things to do to address some concerns that were raised but its all coming together so stay tuned.


Thanks. I’ll try to keep an eye out for it when it’s scheduled. I’m building a cage for a fuel cell for our race car and that would be a prime candidate for some beautiful powder coating.

Great first class last night! Very instructive. The powdercoating I did after the class came out great. Well, maybe not great, but certainly adequate. I’ll do better next time getting the powder thickness more consistent. Those inside corners are tough.

Max came by as my work was in the oven and noted that there are (or should be) some different tips for the powder gun that will allow a more focused spray rather than the large diffuser tip. We might want to think about (a) getting some more of those, as they will surely disappear over time and (b) maybe putting them in the drawers on the cart next to the oven or those plastic drawers with some labeling for which tip does what. This powdercoating setup is a splendid resource to add to DMS.

He also noted that the jars from Prismatic thread right onto the gun – that’s a useful tip for others that maybe should go into the training. My powder came via Amazon and was in plastic bags, but maybe if you order from somewhere else (or in a different quantity?), then they come in jars? That would help cut down on some of the mess and time cleaning up for other users.

I kinda wonder if shooting some water mist on the walls of the spray booth would make it easier to clean up after by putting a little barrier between the powder and the metal. Anything that could make cleanup easier – and clean up is clearly key in a shared space – would be welcome.


Thanks for the nice comments and your feedback. Your experience is really useful. Sounds like you have discovered the dreaded Faraday Cage effect. No one has definitively solved this problem but you are right, I should have demonstrated the potential for that problem. I’m going to make some changes to the class. There IS another nozzle for this gun that we currently have. I should have demonstrated it but it seems like it’s just a preference for what you use. You CAN re-coat that same piece with a second layer if you want to try for better coverage. You can also remove the plastic defuser like they did in the Eastwood video for a slightly more concentrated powder cloud.
Pre-wetting the booth is an interesting idea, but I just ran across some information that suggest microfiber towels would easily draw in the loose powder. That presents a problem of supply but you are right, anything that makes clean up easier or faster is a big plus.


I made some headway on this issue by cutting a slot in a bent piece of corrugated cardboard. I used it as a mask for the inside corner and gradually pulled it back to get reasonably even coverage. Not perfect, but a big improvement.

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Great to see this back. I was also checked out on the old process. Any idea when another class might be on the calendar?

I plan to hold at least two training classes this month but decided to delay posting to do a little refining to the class material. I also want to run a couple of items past the metal shop members just to make sure we all stay on the same page. I will post them by next week.


Hi Steve,

Do you have any plans to conduct a powder coating class any time soon?

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It’s a ways out, but his class just posted to the Calendar.


I’m on our discord server, where there’s a calendar channel. The moment a class posts to the calendar, it hits that discord channel.

edit: And one on 1/30 Events |Dallas Makerspace Calendar

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I had to arrange my schedule. It’s been a busy season. I posted three classes. Jan 30th, Feb 13th and March 12th. I actually posted them last week but there is a delay in them showing up but I will try to be more regular and adjust according to the demand. I intended to do 2 classes a month but I’ve noticed the actual usage is a bit light so if the one class fills up, I will consider adding another for that month.


Thanks for posting the class schedule. Look forward to meeting you on Jan 30.