Potters wheel issue


I’m reporting an issue with the potters wheels. Have the governor switches been changed? Is there an issue with the power that is getting to the wheels? I checked all 4, the petal has to be floored to get enough speed to center a small ball of clay. There is some kind of issue the needs to be looked at please. I don’t think there is enough power to throw a large item at this time.

Thank you,

Anita Willis

I’m not able to be at the space until later in the week. I have found this information on troubleshooting if someone wants to take a look.

This might also be helpful :grinning:

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Was there a manual adjustment to the governor switch in the foot petals?
I find it very odd all 4 wheels have the same issues.

Steve can look at them when we go up there today

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@richmeyer could you check to see if there is possible issue with the electrical?

You will need to have some else look at the electrical for all of the potters wheels. I will not be back to DMS untill Monday.

Thank you April and Steve!

Did the wheels get fixed? Anyone check the power to see if that’s the issue?


Sorry for delay…everyone was saying they were fine…Steve thinks they or one at least is slow and he is looking at it to see if can change

Thank you so much for looking into these :grinning:


Hi Rich, when you have a chance would you take a look at the power by the wheels. I am hearing that they are working but I thought I would have you check the power to make sure there isn’t an issue.

Also, you were said you would be able to change the current drop to a going to a GFCI and make it longer so it will fit on the bottom shelf of our bakers rack.

Thank you so much for all you do!

Also…the blue and white one…i think it runs apposite of what it use to. Forward is now clockwise, and reverse is now counter clockwise. How does that happen?

I may get to DMS on Wednesday at the earliest. Yes, I will make longer cables, add GFI outlets, and check the electrical system. Sorry, can’t get there sooner…working on a Honey Do project at home.

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I may be able to get there sooner and work on the longer drop cord for this. If I am able to get it done I’ll let you know

@mrjimmy, in the metal cabinet where I keep all the electrical supplies are the GFI outlets and matching metal cover plates. Thanks.

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Also, I know we have been closed for a bit, but please remember to submit issues and outages under the “issues and requests” category and tag the correct committee. This helps everyone keep track of open issues.

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The new power drop cords for the Wheels are now installed. These have GFCI outlets since the operators are in a wet environment. The drop cords are longer and can now set on the bottom shelf of the rack. Suggest everybody try to keep all power cords off the floor, it will make cleaning easier and safer. Cleaning Services will not go near power cords on the floor with a wet mop. That holds true everywhere at DMS.


Thank you…once again you make it happen…you are appreciated for all you do!

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There’s a switch down by the power switch. I don’t know which is “forward” and which is “back”, but I think that’s what it says. It’s so that left-handed people can throw… Just flip it if it’s going “the wrong way”.

Wait – you mean it’s shifted direction? No idea why it would do that, but it’s easy enough to work with. Maybe because it’s a different brand?