Potential soap or candle making classes

Last evening while wrapping up my blacksmithing class, I met three ladies who were looking around the blacksmithing area. While talking to them I discovered that they had a significant interest in candlemaking and soap making.

I learned soap making at DMS and I actually make soap at home, which has pretty much eliminated the eczema on my wife’s hands. She has suffered greatly with excema on her hands for years.
is made with an oil called Neem oil. I use this tool, too to do my saponification calculations:


Commerically made soap removes the glycerin and adds ingredients/chemicals to prolong the shelf life of the soap. These can be toxic/allergenic to some people with skin diseases like eczema. Hand made soap leaves the glycerin in and does not have other shelf life prolonging chemicals added.

SOAP making would likely involve either doing it outside or under a fume hood as NaOH and water emit a very pungent and toxic fume when mixed.

I’ve also taught a number of candle making classes at DMS before. One was a “recycle” old candles class where everyone brought old candles and remnants to be remelted and used for new candles and the others were using new wax, either soy, paraffin or bees wax. There are lots of options for molds, colors, scents, carving, shaping (dripping into tapers), etc. Candle making can be profitable, too.

I can also teach a candle making class for children which doesn’t involve heating wax. It uses this wax:

Is there any interest in either of these types of classes? I woudn’t be able to teach them until after July but if there is any interest I can put one on the schedule.


I remember your candlemaking class. It was a lot of fun!

I would be interested and I’m sure my daughter would love to take a candle making class. There should be some wax and other candle making supplies in creative arts if that would be helpful for your classes.

It absolutely would be helpful and defray the cost for materials. I’ll investigate on Friday when I’m up there for the open forge. Thanks for letting me know.


Yes I would be interested ion both classes.

Interested both in the making of soap and candles AND in the possible making of molds that they could be shaped into. Possibly molds could be lasered?

I’m good at soap (soapcalc is really one of the best sites for doing the math easily), but would definitely be down for a candle class. I’ve never quite got the hang of them.

I would definitely be interested in a class for soap making. I also do some candle making and if you are thinking about an advanced class too, I would also be very interested in learning new techniques.

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Also, if you were going with the beeswax rolled candles, looks like Candlewic doesnt carry them anymore, but I did find it here.

Also on Amazon, just a larger quantity.

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