Possible new member- Private 1:1s?

Hi there, I’m Ada. I am a possible new member of Dallas Maker space and I’m still trying to discern whether to join. I am interested in many of the classes DMS offers, but wanted to get a bit more experience before I fully commit. A lot of the free classes offered fill up quickly… is there anyone here willing to do a private/ 1:1? Name your price…

Hello Ada, have you taken a tour of the space? If not tours are offered Sat A.M. Also, it would help if you listed your interests and/or classes you are interested in.

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I would like to add that the real value of DMS is NOT the classes, although they are wonderful and much appreciated. The real value is the valuable help the DMS people provide on your projects and the friendships you form as a result. DMS folks are diverse in skill and interests and there are many people here willing to pitch in if you ask. You will be utterly amazed at the talented and wondeful people here.

The classes do fill up quickly. They are taught by volunteers who give generously of their time. As an example I’ve been trying to get into a blacksmithing class and was finally able to in February. In the meantime I’m going to take classes at Brookhaven. Having the tools at DMS will make all the difference because I won’t have to purchase my own after taking the classes. Blacksmithing is about $150 a DAY elsewhere. It is $352 a semeater (44hrs) at Brookhaven. It is $10 an afternoon at DMS.

I recommend you take a tour and then make your decision. I promise you the membership fee is trivial compared to renting tools, hiring someone to teach you or having access to the kind of talent at DMS.

Looking forward to having you as a member.

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Just a note: when looking at classes some can be taken by non-members others are restricted to members.

Generally, if it requires the use specialized equipment, power tools, etc. the you must be a member to take the class as you must be a member to use them.

But there are number classes open to non-members. As others have said, come and take the tour on Saturday, if you are interested, you join and take the New Member orientation at 1:00PM (I believe you can take the orientation to learn more without joining, is this correct @skyspook)

That is correct. And the orientation is not required, but I believe folks have found it useful.

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