POP Handheld 3D Scanner

Question for the Group

Keith Kubal @Keith and I are attempting the resurrect the POP Handheld 3D Scanner in the 3D Fab.

We are looking for anybody that has had experience with it.

If you have, we would love to chat



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I’ve used it. What sort of questions do you have?

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Where are we at with the 3d scanner?

I have checked and it is all there. Nate @ says he has used it. I am just looking for time to dive in


If u want to dive in, don’t let me slow you down

If it’s available for use I’d love to use it to scan the bed of my truck with it as I’m getting ready to design some accessories for it. Does one need to take a class to use it? How can I get access?

Hey everyone,
So yes, the scanner will need training. No, we don’t have that training right now. Max is going to dive into the scanner and see what we’ll need to do to get everyone trained. But for right now if you want to give it a go I think that you can and should watch some YouTube videos on it, especially the software. The software that you need to use is only on one computer in 3D Fab. Then meet with me, Max, Nate, or Jayson to check it out and give then give it a try. You will need to use it at the DMS, and I don’t know how hard it will be to use it away from a computer, so the truck bed might be a challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing what you find out! :slight_smile:

In short, the scanner is on our list of things to get back as an active and available tool in 3D Fab, but we’ve been focused on other things - we’re volunteers too and time is limited - but I think it will be an excellent thing to add back to the space! For now, reach out to one of us and we’ll see if we can coordinate with you.



I am will to be train so that I can train others.


Here is some general information and a review of the Revo Pop2 scanner we have. I’ve ordered some new stickers for it.

Revo Pop2 Review

The scanner we have isn’t a POP2, it’s the original POP. Here’s the listing on the DMS Tools area, it’s the last one in the 3D Fab area:


Oops. You are correct it is the original POP.

I am back with the living

POP Scanner

In summary

  • Original POP
  • Other than Nate @delpn and/or Chris @John_Marlow , not much left over experience
  • My personal use case - scan small objects, potential edit, and then 3D Print or run on CNC machines - wood, plastic or metal
  • Since we have limited institutional knowledge i indicated to Nate and Keith @Keith I would dust it off and create something of a training program. What that looks like, I have no idea. If somebody wants to drive this, please feel free. Otherwise, I will fulfill my promise
  • Dan @danthebetterman I have no idea on large items like truck beds. I think in the short term, that won’t be a use case I will focus on. Once the stickers show up, please feel to play with it. I would suggest you check on the web and make sure the Original POP can do it
  • Nate what does your “up at DMS” schedule look like T, W, or Thur night of next week?
  • Anybody that has an interest or knowledge of the small item use case discussed above, or the Original POP, please let me know your “up at DMS” schedule next T,W, Thur night?
  • not intended to be a training session

I hope I am not way off on anything. Just trying to push it forward



Let’s target Thursday at 7:00 on the high tables outside the 3D Lab.

While we won’t be scanning, if you have an object or two u are thinking of scanning, bring it along


I will most likely be there!

For those interested in the POP Scanner, let’s target this Thursday (8/31) at 7:00 on the high tables outside the 3D Lab, to get together again.

If you have an object or two that you think would be tough to scan, bring it along - we are looking for corner cases


Hi Max! The Pop1 was supposed to come with a turntable. Do we have one? Thx.

Yes. We have the turntable


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