Polyprinter Standard Settings

I know that we should be using the Kisslicer default profiles for the Polyprinters but every computer seems to have these settings tinkered with (it affects the whole computer, not just your DMS profile). I’ve managed to get Kisslicer 1.6.2 fresh at home but want to verify that the settings it comes with are still appropriate for our polyprinters at DMS so I know I can reliably slice at home and bring gcode in to print more reliably.

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@Team_3D_Fab – realized I maybe should have tagged you all. Hope that’s okay!

“Save Project” and “Load Project” will save and load your profile changes. You can even save the .ksp file to your personal folder and run the slicer via the jump server, all without leaving your room. You can also click again on the profiles labeled (Stock) which should re-populate those values based on the files that were written when the program was installed.