PolyPrinter 94 Not Feeling Well

Someone please check PolyPrinter 94. I suspect the person using 93 has left 94 idling hot.

; *** Material Settings for Extruder 1 ***
; material_name = PLA cold bed for blue tape

That will undoubtedly be my brand new nozzle ruined.


I just resolved it.

Sadly, you were correct. Whomever was using it had a failed print and 94 was left idling hot. The nozzle was clogged.

I replaced the nozzle and leveled the bed. 94 is back up and running now.

I’ll add your nozzle to the others that I’m in the process of cleaning/reclaiming.

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gotta train people to hit the red reset button if there’s an issue. it kills all the heaters.


Thank you!

Three days. Not even a dozen prints. I got just two prints from that nozzle. That’s horrible.

Someone owes me 30 minutes and a new nozzle.

@Team_3D_Fab, can we please go back to ABS ONLY?

DMS is a shared workshop where people learn, and sometimes that means mistakes. Given the number of nozzle issues, we may want to review signage or training.

As I stated on your other thread, the only way to change the rules is not to call out the nebulous committee, but to instead get involved with it to help out.



That suggests the PolyPrinters are currently ABS only. Is that true? Are other materials verboten?

Less that it’s not allowed, and more that additional training is supposed to be required for using different materials, mostly because of this nozzle issue. I don’t think that’s really explicit in the area. For instance, not everyone knows that you can’t just change out the filament and set the temperature in Octoprint, that you must also slice with those temperatures as well. I’ve watched a couple of people burn up PLA pretty good with ABS settings. Swapping out also requires purging the hot end, and setting your z height if you’re using a cold bed.

So, a lot more complicated than just slapping ABS in and hitting print. Perhaps a “ABS only unless trained” sign may be sufficient to stop the wanton destruction of nozzles.

It’s the reason I keeping bringing up attending the committee meetings too - not only will you keep Evan company during his meetings (so sad when so many people are using the area but don’t show up), but we also need to train more people on more advanced maintenance and usage - zeroing beds, changing nozzels, etc. We generally do not allow those that haven’t been trained to do those things, perhaps another sign that needs to be made.

Getting trained on such them not only helps out, but also helps one get better knowledge which leads to better prints, and also keeps all the machines running that much better.


That would be a “no”. Got it.