Poll on Open Carry

The Facts about Mass Shootings

“Guns are already banned in schools. That is why the shootings
happen in schools. A school is a ‘helpless-victim zone,’” says Richard
Mack, a former Arizona sheriff. [/quote]

P.S. I will say that since these are such rare occurrences, the data can’t really say if the lack of guns is a causal factor. But since we are only dealing with ‘feelings’ here, and not objective data the above quote should suffice.

We can say that most of the recent spate of such events have occurred in places where the chances of encountering someone with a gun is slight.

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I can copy/paste a list of links if you want… I dont think that is needed you can google for yourself. I will say that an FBI statistics link cited 13% of mass shootings happened in gun free zones. It also stated 38% of shooters were prohibited from owning a firearm.

It stands to reason that for someone who is bent on killing people the safest place for them to do so is a gun free zone. They would know that law abiding citizens will not be armed in a gun free zone by definition correct?

So either I’m misunderstanding, or you’re saying 87% of shootings happen in non-gun-free zones, and 62% of shooters were legally armed?

A study in active shooter events

The above is the FBI report he mentioned. Feel free to read. However, I will remind you’ll of Samuel Clemen’s quote before you or anyone else posts on the information…

Don’t get me wrong, I didnt say don’t carry, i said don’t open carry. There isnt a need for it.

Plus lets be realistic, if somebody came in blasting, and we all decided we want to heat packing rogues, we’d probably all shoot each other, cause everybody would start blasting.

So I’m just saying until that happens, i dont see a reason to brandish your heat out in the open, create un-needed tension and have folks questioning whether to go up to the space or not…

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Again, see my post above. There are many good reasons to prefer to carry ‘open’ rather then concealed at the space.

Also ‘brandish’ is a legal term and you are using it incorrectly when you are referring to someone with a holstered gun.

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OK, as my first post stated, these are my opinions, you guys are going to do what you want anyway…Until somebody gets hurt or something traumatic happens, and it gets tied back to this conversation. Then maybe folks might see it differently.

Brandish is a figure of speech, in literal terms TO SHOW your weapon. This isn’t about laws or law terms, its about “I can but should I”

Regardless, the whole conversation is moot, people are going to wild wild west it anyway, then somebody is going to take that priveledge and abuse it. Then when it gets to the point where you cant control it, then as stated, the space will turn into a gun club.

I mean we have a problem with folks abusing the machine and space priveledges now, what do you think is gonna happen with this…

However this is just me, i’m off to get my bullet proof vest and my riot helmet…I’ll be damned if it cant cut my wood :smile:

As has been mentioned multiple times, nothing is really going to happen with this, since for long guns it has been legal for years. And we haven’t had a problem yet.

BTW, your perception that a holstered weapon is brandishing is precisely the problem we are discussing.

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Careful. It’s a right, not a privilege. The latter is granted by government, the former is not.

There are other countries where that is not the case, should anyone care to relocate in order to avoid all of this. :smile:

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Actually, he was correct in this case. You do not have a right to possess a firearm on someone else’s private property, which DMS is. While I think it would be a horrible idea, DMS does have the authority and right to ban open carry, or carry of any kind.

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Ah, yes, ok. I think you’re probably right, but then DMS would assume responsibility for my safety while I was in a disarmed state? (Reasoning that I could have defended myself but was prohibited from doing so)

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Gotcha, ok i retract brandish sir…

How about just a simple line of showing your weapon so everyone els can see it.

Your right in that since, people are gonna do what they want when they feel like it, sometimes regardless of what the laws state…

That’s an absurd statement. I BEG you to take that to a court of law and see what the judge says.
Call the damn cops and let them deal with it.

This is an interesting question. I believe that there have been a few lawsuits on the subject, but am unaware of their outcome of if any precedent have been set. Personally, if it was only open carry, I would simply vote against anyone who supported the issue (of banning it), but if it was extended to concealed, then I would simply vote with my pocket book and leave.

In my opinion, those with the perception of danger are not likely to loose their access to our toys over this, but those who carry will likely leave. It will be interesting to see how it plays out and its affect on membership levels.


I too would vote with my pocket book and leave if concealed carry were to be banned at DMS.

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i guess i dont see anyone within the space as a threat, if im on the CNC, and i have to lay my glock 9 on the workbench next to me, that says, hey you gyus are a serious threat to my life, hence stay the F away from me. Nobody will freakin talk to you. The go to the computer lab, and you got 6 or 7 guns laid out on the table, just cause they can.

I mean men are men, this will become a whos got the biggest nuts battle, and who has has the coolest gun. Then its oh let me see, then you hear a pop and man down.

So if it was legal all this time, strapping an ar to your back, then why didnt people do it, its back to you could but do ya have to do it.

Pack the heat in your bag, and keep it close, less tension and you still can lay somebody down if you need to. Just my thoughts, but whatever you decide, keep the damn woodshop area clean, and clean up your own blood after the accidental shootings…

NO ONE is trying to ban concealed carry!!!

The meeting minutes for last nights agenda item said that Allen and Alex will be working on a “separate proposal on firearms” at the space. That seem very broad to me, and could easily include the banning of all firearms and firearm related activities at the space. Not saying it will, but as written it could. And unless they are presupposing some form of restriction it isn’t needed at all. The new law really doesn’t change anything beyond allowing the open display of a handgun IN ADDITION to the already legal open display of a rifle.

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That’s a fair concern. Let me add some context.

Alex is fine with concealed carry, but not open carry. He still wants reloaded to be permitted.
Allen thinks there should be no restrictions on firearms at the space, whatsoever.

I have absolutely no doubt that concealed carry would continue to be allowed, as it is now. They may suggest broad (common sense) firearm-related rules such as “don’t flaunt your gun” - that kind of thing.

You know I do believe that is the first time I have ever agreed whole heartedly with a lawyer (even my own)! :smiling_imp: