Please help me create a better "bug list" aka a list of problems you experience

Hello everyone -

I changed jobs and now I’m in charge of something called incubatoredu at my school. Basically I now teach shark tank…kinda sorta.

One of the first things I ask my students to do is to develop a list {called a bug list} of issues both small and large. The example that we talk about is being hungry because you ate early lunch…which is relatable to the circle of high school students and has several different easy to understand solutions. Easy peasy not very interesting at all if you ask me.

SO…my job is to draw out larger, more interesting issues for the students both by pushing them and also trying to show them outside the norm…people with disabilities, people who are above and below the economic circle of the students, people in industries that they aren’t even aware of, people who have experiences outside of a 17 year old bubble…basically you guys.

So, if you’re willing I’ve made a simple google form to fill out.
Bug List Form

As always, thank you for your time and attention and willingness and all the things.

The questions asked:
What is the problem you have or see?
Who has the problem?
Why do they have this problem? (this might seem simple but it’s where the students really dig)
When is this problem experienced?
Add any additional info you believe the student would need to know
Upload any photos/drawings/diagrams to help the student understand the issue a little better (not required)
A first name