Please advice the process of using the laser cutter

I am considering joining DMS to use the laser cutter. I used Fusion 360 at home to design my geometries for cutting stainless steel gauge 24 sheets. Here are my questions:
(1) What software package at DMS can I use to generate CNC G-code from my Fusion 360 model for the laser cutter?
(2) When can I schedule for the required training to use the laser cutter?
Thanks for your help

our cO2 lasers are not able to cut metal.

the lasers use RDWorks from thunderlaser to run them, its able to import DXF files.

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First thing: Our lasers don’t cut metal (some time in the future yes). We do have a CNC Plasma Cutter that can.

Thanks for the info. I need to build a punching tool to get my dimensions.

We have turret punch.

  • Hole size
  • Material and thickness
  • Distance from edge
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