Plastics-based project question

I hope I’ve picked the right topic area, but feel free to let me know if it’s imprecise.
Basically my laptop has had a plastic part failure where a hinge attaches to the lid shell. The shell is aluminum with plastic glued to it. Said plastic has two failures. A threaded insert popped out, and the plastic has cracked near another threaded insert with some of it separating from the aluminum.

I am considering two options:
Just buy a replacement lid shell like a well adjusted person.

Glue or fuse the plastic together, possibly with the aid of a 3d printing pen that can use ABS since I assume the broken part is ABS.

Fixing it would mean I have less junk after I’m done, but the 3d pen and the new lid are almost the same price. I’ve tried gluing in the threaded insert with both super glue and Tamiya extra thin plastic cement, which is used for styrene plastics, but to no avail. Any advice on the matter is appreciated.