Plastic machining options

Does anyone know of a location/space in the area that can cut plastics while the DMS is closed? My sister in law is an ER doc, and she asked me to make an aerosol box to give a buffer between the patient while doing invitations. I made a prototype (see attached), but it really ghetto since I had to cut and glue everything by hand. I was hoping to use the laser at the DMS (or table saw), but could use other suggestion to make a couple more units. Thank you for the time and help!


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Sorry, but laser is also a poor choice. Laser cut edges will crack and craze when you use the glue.

Your best choice, if you can find it, is a table saw (with a plastic blade if possible), and then clean the edges with a router before gluing. A sawed edge is insufficient for a solid, stable glue seal.


Josh, I am a former DMS member and now have my own Multicam 4x8 CNC located in the Alliance area (between Fort Worth & Denton). Would be glad to help if my location is within reason for you. You can PM for a phone number.


An easy way to clean up acrylic machine cuts is with a machining cut-off bar. Hold it perpendicular to the edge and give a smooth pull down the side. Try it on scraps first, because it does take a little fineness to get a smooth pull. When you do it right, it will give a near perfect surface that’s ideal for adhesion



Just a follow-up on this request. After Josh got hospital feedback on the prototype, modifications were made to the design and 4 aerosol boxes for intubations were completed today.


Could you send me your email. I have a few jobs I would like for you to quote.


former member?

@bertberaht - you’re awesome!! Sure do miss you.

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I would recommend Prokase in Dallas as another quality Plexi fabricator. He is our go-to guy for display boxes at work, and his quality is leaps ahead of the other suppliers we occasionally have to use in the same area. Tell him Vineyard Frame sent you…

Prokase Inc.
Address: 5200 E Grand Ave Suite# 360, Dallas, TX 75223
Phone: (214) 748-6693