Place to purchase metal


During the meeting the other Saturday someone had mentioned a good local place to purchase metal. I need to purchase a metal for a bracket about 12 inches long by about 2 inches wide. Can someone please post the name of the store that was mentioned in the meeting / while we were cleaning up the workshop.

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If you live near west Dallas, check out Metals4u and Metals Supermarket.

Or try “metals mart” on google maps

Thanks, I did a search on Metals Supermarket. They have a few locations including one closer to me in Plano.

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1st and foremost never buy steel at Home Depot

Plano metal supermarket is pricey. They are franchises so price depends on who owns them. You don’t want to buy steel from a man who looks like a salesman. They can and will overcharge you.

For market price on steel, coremarks website is pretty solid:

Max’s list of places in DFW to buy metals:

Cash steel drops: metal supermarket Dallas

Alloy steels:
Metal supermarkets
Online metals

metals 4u (don’t buy steel there ever)
Online metals (will call in Arlington for pickup) also don’t buy steel here unless you are in need of alloy.

New dimensional steel:
King architectural metals
Coremark metals (also great for aluminum)

Scrap yards:
Ready metals - ft worth
Westex iron and metal- ft worth