Pit Firing February 26th

We have a pit firing scheduled for February 26th. This is where we dig a hole place the ceramic pieces in the hole and then built a fire around the pieces. We can use salts and different chemicals to make decorative effects on the ceramic pieces. When the fire starts to die down the hole with tin to seal off the air.

The next day we come back and remove this ceramic pieces.

We are limiting the class to 10 people and the sign-up is on the bulletin board in ceramics.

You will need to make strong pieces like you would with raku. This is the first time for us to do a pit firing so we would like everyone to experiment with different techniques.

This is a document with some links.

A Pit Firing Instructions and Color Palette.pdf (754.7 KB)


On a Monday?

The fire building and firing is on Sunday. We cover the pit and let it cool for a day. Then the next day we uncover, so the uncovering is Monday. If you can’t make it we can bring the pieces to DMS.