Pinging/Clinking Pottery?

I recently made my first mug in a slab building class and got it all the way through glazing. But when I got it home and used it with a warm liquid for the first time, it makes a ‘pinging’ noise periodically. What does this mean? Is it going to eventually crack? I hand washed it before using it in mildly warm water.

It’s made from the class white stoneware and glazed with some of the DMS glazes.


Beautiful, could be a clay/glaze fit, it should not crack, should be microwave/dishwasher safe. If you are concerned with food safety, can leave a lemon cut in half over night in it, if the glaze changes colors, it is not food safe (leaches).


Some pieces with a clay/glaze misfit will ping forever, but never craze (cracks in glaze). At least, so I’ve heard.

We just use the Trinity white stoneware clay (usually), and the Amaco jarred glazes (with a few others) and hope for the best.


Oh wow this is a really good tip, thanks for sharing!

Here is some more info on glaze issues and testing with photos: