[Picked Up] Free Belimo EV050S-055+LRB24-EV 1/2" NPT Valve and Temp Sensor

I saw this sitting around my office for years and finally asked around and was allowed to take it. Did some research, and I think it’s a device used to measure the temperate of water circulating in commercial A/C systems, and then can actuate a valve to turn off or on the flow. I attempted to sell it on ebay, but had no luck, and it looks totally unused so I hate to see it go to a landfill. If anyone is interested in this, let me know!

Here’s a link to the data sheet

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I’m interested!

Hey David. PMd you!

Thanks @TomKappa I can stop by most anytime to pick it up. Phone # in pm.

Thanks @David_Steele for picking it up. Hope it works for you and that you put it to some good use! Glad it could be saved from the landfill.