Photography Meet Up & Classes

We had a first meeting of a photography group last night and it went well. I just wanted to see if there might be any interest on some classes or activities that we discussed.
-Basics of photography
-Aperture Basics
-Light and color editing
The idea for a group outing to take photos was also put out there and I personally Like that a lot.


I’d be down for classes

This would be super cool! I’m in!

I am new to DMS, but would very much love a beginner photography class. My end goal is to use the cameras to take high resolution images of artwork with the intent of print reproduction. Would anyone else be interested in that and is this the place to request such a thing? If not, please direct me to where I can request a class.


A few of us were just chatting about wanting more photography gatherings, yesterday on discord!

Maybe we can all get together and discuss a plan of action/skills between us/etc

@ars3nd @morguuuu @AmeliaG


For anyone interested, we have created a thread on Discord for photography. Planning a get together soon if anyone is interested. (I’ll post on here when we do, so those who don’t use Discord can join in)


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