Personal Items in Ceramics

All, this picture are of items that were in the teachers cabinet. As we discussed in our last committee meeting we are going to start locking the cabinet so anything that was in there that did not belong to the committee as a whole was placed on the side table. Come get your things before 2/19 please.


Not sure what the original purpose was for salt and pepper shakers but if not claimed and no one is interested in actually keeping, I will be happy to collect from you to put in my donation pile that I’m putting together.

The salt & pepper shakers and the tall glasses were used in the rattle making class. I was in it, so I remember using them. I can look in my class history to try and find who taught it. I do remember it was an older gentleman (funny guy) who worked for some cowboy boot company. :thinking:

I can’t tell what the other items are in the picture.

@Pcperk – I think he’s the one that taught the rattle class.

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The items are ready for your donation pile :slight_smile:

Is it okay if I collect Sat before/after tours? If not let me know.

Sure, I’ll box them up and set them aside for you. Once I have that done, I’ll either let you know where they are or be there to hand them off.

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Yes please! Thank you Monika!!

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