PCR group build

Wondering if anyone else would like to brainstorm some ideas for building a PCR machine. I built one back at my community college before moving out here and think it would be tons of fun to make one for the makerspace too.

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we have two top of the line PCR machines, but if you are doing it for an intellectual excercise or to build skills I think that would be great!

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Oh Wow! I had no idea.
Are there any classes for the use of the PCR machines or other biological equipment?
If there are already PCR machines around it would be fun to have some basic biobrick projects going.
Pigmented bacterial cultures would be neat.
I don’t think it would be too much trouble to build a medium sized square petri dish to fill with medium and culture the bacteria at the four corners to have a sort of living art piece for a while.

I just got a grant to do a class on bacterial art. I haven’t done IGEM but been working on synbio for several years at the space now. Just taught a class on basic cloning.

Wow! Do you know of any upcoming bio/synbio classes that I can enroll in?

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you can come to science meetingf on sundays to meet me

That sounds awesome! What time are they?

2:30 pm in science lab