Paper Cutters needing a new home

Hello! I’m fairly new to the makerspace and have a letterpress shop in Southlake. I’m currently looking to re-home two old guillotine cutters.

One is a Chandler & Price, Serial BR1585 the bed is 23" wide with 25" behind the blade and a 12.5" bed space in front of the blade. Comes with cabinet it sits on and three blades–all freshly sharpened by yours truly and not used since I sharpened them. This one is the one with a latch for the blade. I think it could be a good fit for the makerspace. It is heavy and not on wheels. It took three of us to lift it and we were fairly strong, but we did it? My guess is 350-400 pounds for the top. The base cabinet is light as a feather. haha.

The other is older still and a pain in the you know what to move. Required a forklift previously. It’s a Challenge Serial No. 011252, 26 1/2" wide, with 27" or so behind the blade and a 13.5" bed space in front of the blade. Also comes with additional knives recently sharpened.

I am rehoming because I’m purchasing an electric cutter with a bigger bed. They both work very well and I painstakingly cleaned them from their previous sad states to make them usable. I have gotten my use out of them and, realistically, the cost to move them is enough for most of us that I’m happy to get them to a home where they might be used more than anything!

Please reach out via email: [email protected] or text (817) 368-0591 if you’re intersted.



While they would be nice to have, we’re currently a bit cramped for room in Creative Arts. That said, maybe we could negotiate for more room in the newer warehouse? @Julie-Harris @skyspook ? I didn’t see one @ to ask all the directors…

Didn’t notice that you’d put these in Printmaking. They might have a bit more room… @Team_Printmaking

I’m happy for one to go to either! Honestly, the large one is probably a horrible hazard and pain. haha. I use it almost exclusively because of size, but the smaller one is much more convenient for the space that seems to be in either area. Let me post some pics, actually.

This is the smaller cutter

This is the larger cutter. That I would likely not recommend to the space, but thought might find a home through another member.

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I’ll make sure Lisa and Astrud are aware.


Printmaking is interested in the smaller paper cutter. We are having a committee meeting this Saturday, 11/5/22 if you are around stop by. The committee will still discuss accepting this donation at that meeting. Is there a cost involved in this donation?

I should be able to be there Saturday! The only cost would be the effort/cost of moving it. I don’t have a truck or I would happily move it myself. I am very happy to help move it in/out of a truck bed and might be able to borrow a truck if needed.

For Paul and Astrud, I’d be willing to drive over and help pick it up. I can’t lift something that heavy, but my truck has a liftgate on it. :slight_smile:


Apologies, I could not make it yesterday. Not sure who to reach out to, but if you have someone to help move it, I can facilitate it being picked up. There will need to be 3 or so rather strong people to move it. could probably figure a way to get it on a furniture dolly to move in/ out. Please feel free to email me or text me for specifics if you’d still like it.

We had the meeting yesterday, and definitely would like to have the smaller cutter. We will work on getting a date and time set up for us to have a group to come out and pick it up that fits with your schedule.

Thank you so much for the donation!


Thanks Paul for getting back to Ashlie. When do you and Astrud think is a good time to setup the move?
Let me know.

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Let me know if I can help.

I’m also happy to help pick this up.

I think I’m getting notifications about this, but just in case, please text me at 8173680591 when you’d like to arrange pickup! I can be flexible and available most of the time or have someone here to let you in, etc.

Astrud and I are out of town this weekend for the final show of the year. We’re available starting on Monday to help once we coordinate with other people to move the beast around as needed.

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Did anything ever come of finding a time to pick this paper cutter up? I’m happy to facilitate that so the paper cutter could find it’s new home. Also happy to help with the heavy lifting, just don’t have an ideal car to transport it in.

Nobody has contacted me about using my lift gate.

Hi Raymond thanks for offering to help. I’m Lisa Letter’s the Printmaking Chair. Ashlie and I have settled on a day and time to move the cutter. Are you available Thursday, 12/ 8 @ 10am to help with your truck to move the cutter? Please let me know on here because Ashlie and I are both watching this thread. My hope is we can get something scheduled soon. We are both available during the day on Thursday.