Paint Day 12/1 Be there


Saturday has been chosen as the paint day in suite 102. The West and South wall border all of machine shop. It is only right that machine shop do a lot of that work. So if you haven’t put any time in at 102 now is the time. I shouldn’t have to say it, but this is YOUR machine shop. Don’t expect others to do for you. And yes - we’re keeping score.


I’d like to say yes, but we’re moving mom on the 1st, taking her stuff from storage and from our house and getting her into her new place.


No worries. Take care of your family.


I’ll be teaching a safety class and two welding classes at that time.

If I can I’ll try to be there before classes, but I might not make it depending on the metal prep required for class.


Thank you. Teaching is more important. We need more of the casual users



I should be able to make it on Saturday.


Mom is more than welcome to join us! :wink:


I’ll be there around the noon hour. Have to see the chiropractor first


You may want to wait until after the painting to see the chiropractor Nick.


Can’t make it in this weekend. But do have time this evening and on Friday. Anything I can do to help prep, maybe?


Sure! The masking has to be done first. Friday evening is probably the best bet. @Kriskat30 is going to set up a masking example so we know how it should be done … I don’t know what her schedule is.


Schedule update:


I know, right? Unfortunately, Dr. Nick is only there until noon.


Is there a specific start/meet time?


Just saw the times in another thread.


Cool. It’s a show up whenever kind of event.


I’ll still be in Canada this weekend, but should have so time to help out with the expansion & machine shop after I get back.


THANK YOU to those machine shop members who came by today and helped out.
If you couldn’t make it - there will be plenty of other volunteer opportunities all month that you can help out with. cheers!


Ditto what Nick says. Thank you all for your hard work today!