Paging John Gorman

Hi John,
I took your laser 101 leather class several weeks ago and would like your help getting my Inkscape image to the laser. I would be happy to pay you for your time. Hoping you could spare and hour or so this weekend, if possible. Please contact me on my cell at 214-435-4889 and leave me a message, my name is Patrick. I bought a bad phone that I can’t hear the ringer, so chances are you will get my voice mail.

@talkers is who you are looking for. He should get notified now.

Thank you, I appreciate the help.

@squaredroots or @Adam_Oas are two other teachers for the vinyl cutter. They may be able to help if @talkers isn’t available.

She is looking for John for laser leather help, not vinyl cutter.

Oops, sorry, my brain is thinking vinyl


Message received Patrick. I’ll give you a ring.

Thanks everyone.


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@coffeetime if I’m up at the space, I’d be happy to assist with your project. I know I’ll be up there Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Thank you, John was a big help to me and we have completed that part of my project.

Thank you again.

Here is part of what @coffeetime is doing. Laser etching the leather worked out very well.


Beautiful!! What weight leather and what settings?

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Light leather. Prob 4-5oz.

Settings?.. I think it was
Cut 25mm/70%power on Blitzen.
Raster 500mm/20% power, interval 0.06mm x-swing.