Oven Update? Powder coating class?

I heard some news about the large oven used for powder coating has been down and is being replaced. Is this true? Has it been replaced already, or is it still down? Is that even part of the metal shop, or should I be looking elsewhere?

Also, I would love to take any classes required to do powder coating. I have taken a hot works class, any others?


The purchase of a newer, larger oven has been approved by the metal shop committee and the rest of the procurement process is underway.


Rumors are (and I know very little about what’s actually been ok’d) but there was talk of a wheel in one so the new one will be a pretty freaking sweet one to have around the shop

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That is what the committee voted on.

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Yea aweosme, so I could care less when it finally gets installed cause when it does it’s gonna be the sh**

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I heard this earlier as well, really glad we decided to go that route. Always a fan of expanding the DMS capability

@BarkingChicken @Chris_Fazio , would you know anyone willing to teach a powder coating class, or who I should reach out to? For whenever the new one comes in. Also, any idea on the timeframe?

I’m the usual teacher, just haven’t taught it without the oven. Could theoretically teach it with the small oven but I prefer to do it as a project class where everyone walks away with something and that’s harder to do with an oven that doesn’t fit much.

We’re still in a holding pattern on ordering the oven as the chair still hasn’t finished sending us info for the expenditure since it’s a capital expense over $2000


@procterc Is there any update on this? I also have a rather large powder coating project in my future.


Yes, it’s always an very great thing when dms chooses to invest in the exact reason people come to it, because they want to give everyone the facility and opportunity to do a ton of things in endless ways! So this is definitely a great purchase IMO

What size is the small oven? Anyone going elsewhere for powder coating projects in the meantime? Any potential resources? I have a 4’x4’ project I am needing coated,

It’s the toaster oven in CA. It will probably do 4"x4", but not a foot in more than one dimension.

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4ft by 4ft? That won’t fit in the new proposed oven. Or did you mean 4 inch X 4 inch?

If it’s not also 4’ tall it could be done in a canted angle in the proposed oven. However it does make part holding more difficult

A former member’s service, Electrokoat. I can PM you their information.

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