Out of Masking tape -- Back in stock 2023/12/30

Hello everyone!!

Laser area is out of masking tape. Please let me know where can i find it

Hello everyone,

Can anyone help me with this please!

Do you know where we’ve ordered this in the past from? If you already have it on Amazon or whatever, can you go ahead and order a couple rolls?

Yea…think have ordered some looonng while back. Will need to do archival dig on past orders. May have been ordered by @cvrana.

edit - found this ordered by @trapezium -

Let me know if this is what you want and how many.

Let’s go ahead and grab 2 please. I’ll reorder when we get back down to one.

and ordered - eta ~1/3/24
lbl - DMS Laser

Could any one please confirm once it’s been delivered?

amzn will provide some kind of tracking info.

I’ll update on here when I replace the roll in the area. Please do not just take it from the mail if you see it to move it back there.

Thank you Josh! I appreciate your prompt response on this! Can’t wait to restart on my work!!

FYI, masking tape is in. I’ll be loading the roll on later tonight.

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Thanks for the update Josh