Orphaned pieces looking for their makers


The following pieces have exceeded the 30 day rule and will be disposed of one week from now on October 23, 2018. They are looking for their makers, please come pick them up!



Does disposing of mean throwing away? If so, if no one claims, can they just be glazed and sold at an open house or something? Or give to charity instead?


Unfortunately the disposal rule comes directly from the Board. Because we do not own the pieces and did not make them, we are unable to give them away or sell them for our own profit. Our committe has put in place a 30 day rule to pick up fired pieces, and as of now, the only way we can free up shelf space for more incoming work is to throw away the pieces that have not been picked up.


Ah, didn’t know. Thanks for the clarification!


In the interest of better understanding, can you provide a quote where this rule came from?


I’m sure it’s on the wiki under the Minutes for when that was originally passed by the Board. Not sure when it was passed, but I know it’s relevant and very much an active rule since it came up again at Monday night’s Board of Director’s Meeting.




With that rule being said, there is nothing that prevents a committee from disposing of the unclaimed items in a way that helps the committee. For example, items not claimed could be glazed and sold at an auction, donated, etc. The only thing stated is it cannot be given to a member.


As mentioned above, this is a DMS rule passed by the Board. If you would like futher clarification, I’m sure they would be more than willing to explain.


Not trying to be obstinate here but did you read my reply? Are you arguing that you as a committee lack the ability to dispose of the property except by trashing? What are you saying? I don’t need clarification from the BoD, it is clearly written a committee may dispose of unclaimed property. It does not specify anything except giving to members.


If one speaks with Mr. Kessinger, he is convinced that the only thing that “disposal” means is tossing it in the trash. I have not been to any board meetings wherein he is acting as a board member, but I remember a big discussion in the Common Room some time ago. Those of us who felt that throwing good stuff in the trash was wrong were unable to sway his conviction that it’s wrong to “take” something that belongs to someone else, and it is more right to trash it. I remember pushing the idea that committees might put something in their signage that allowed them to take possession of “abandoned” items, but he was firm in his conviction. And, now he’s on the Board… There are actually laws that allow “abandoned” items to be claimed, but I don’t know the exact wording.


I agree that its a shame for things to be thrown away, but the rule does state “Disposition rules may not include “giving” to an individual.”

It is not specific, however, that on “disposition day”, perhaps the unclaimed items are put into a box and that box is left near but not inside the dumpster…


“Member Property” did NOT pass Monday night, it was withdrawn by @Photomancer

Pending minutes…


It’s no more “wrong” to appropriate someone’s abandoned property for another use than it is to throw it away; the effect to the person is the same: it’s not theirs anymore. It’s been abandoned, per whatever definition that has been defined by the organization (e.g. Committee, DMS, etc.) and made public or otherwise properly promulgated. All that is reasonably required is said public notice, and an appropriate oversight structure so that due process is being followed to ensure items are not being mis-appropriated.


I THINK the thing @Photomancer is trying to avoid with rules like that is stricter policing of rules for the express purpose of getting freebies.

Imagine for instance if the police could confiscate for their personal use vehicles with expired tags. Do you think more Ford Pintos or Porches would get pulled over? :slight_smile:


To be perfectly and utterly clear here, I’m not suggesting anyone get freebies. I am suggesting that after the 30 day rule, the committee takes the item, completes it if possible and then auctions or donates it.


I am not arguing anything, simply stating that the pieces in the picture will be thrown away on October 23rd, 2018. This 30 day rule is posted on our shelves and was passed at a committee meeting last November. If you would like to ‘complete’ these pieces, you are more than welcome to look in the trash can by Ceramics on that day and rescue them. If you are unsatisfied with the 30 day rule, you are also more than welcome to come to the next Ceramics Committee Meeting and we can talk about it.


It falls under the same reason we offsited for 30 days in the past and throw away rather than just toss it in a free pile. It has caused a lot of problems and hurt feelings in the past when someone saw their product parts being used by someone else.


I got the impression, again from listening in the Common Room, that it was a single incident that occurred at Ladybird. At Ladybird, storage was only for 1 week. Granted, even if you’ve abandoned your stuff for 2 months, you might still notice that someone else has it, should you actually show up again. I have not heard of any problems while we’ve been on Monetary.