Online training for Machine Shop Band Saw?

Is there online training for the metal band saw in the Machine Shop? I looked at Learn and looked at the old Wiki pages, but I don’t see anything specific for the band saw. What’s the process? Thanks.

Machine shop does not require training for our bandsaw

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If you are new to using a bandsaw it would be good to take the woodshop training.

Thank you both for your responses. I’m not new to using a bandsaw, and I have taken the general woodshop class.

@TBJK Im trying to change it over from steel to aluminum and figured the right settings but its like theres a brake engaged or something…I opened up the top and bottom cabinet and turned the wheels by hand but its still barely moving when turned on. I dont see anything to visually ‘engage’ by hand either

You need to turn the handle past the aluminum position then turn the wheel & it should drop into gear.

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