On a cold day do we rap the poly printer with a coat for better preformance or stick

I notice i have harder time on cold days getting the 3d printer to stick. Is it good to convert the 3d printer with a coat for sticking to the bed?


No. Ideally, you should wait for the frame/air temperature to reach steady-state before you start printing. On my printer, preheat takes 60-90 minutes. I wait for my bed temperature to decrease below 50C before removing the parts. This is the best compromise between time and part quality. The ambient conditions have negligible first-order effects on the process.

As the air in the chamber heats up, the extruder temperature will increase, too. On the polyprinters, the hotend fan will spin up whenever the extruder temperature sensor is above some threshold. After the print finishes, you are still entitled to the printer for some amount of time.

If you show up on a Friday evening when 28,432 people are waiting to use the only working printer, you may feel obliged to remove the print early. If the part is still hot, you are more likely to damage the bed removing it, and when it cools it will warp, so you may have to reprint it.

I have seen people open the polyprinter doors, mid-print, pushing failed prints away from the extruder. I have also seen an in-progress print where the side panel was left open. I don’t know how those worked with ABS, but I don’t have all the answers.