Old Pachinko Machine

My father-in-law has come across an old Pachinko machine (fairly small, fits on a table top), and he wanted to know if anyone had a use for it.

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Do you have a picture of it? I love these machine - and they are quite fun to clean up.

Good idea, he is going to send me some and I’ll pass them along when he does.

@AmeliaG and Vector might be interested in a group project.

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Any DMS members that want to work on the machine may do so, we can talk about it here, or at the vector meeting on Thursday.


That would save me a trip to Japan… I’ll trade that for some elbow grease.

I restored one in vector a couple years ago. It was super fun and really easy to work on with the tools we have. All the schematics can be found online. Doing it as a group project for the arcade would be awesome.

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I got one of these in 1978 (sixth grade) as a gift from a very generous relative. I had days and days of fun with it. Loved it.

Once you get it working, it would make a great permanent fixture for the DMS lobby.

Here are some photos:


That looks like it’s in very good condition, do you know if it works?

It does not. I believe that was why wanted to give it to Vector in case they wanted to tinker around with it

I would be happy to take it and do a group project to restore it for the arcade.

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We used to go on road trips west as a family.

Often that meant spending a few days in Las Vegas.

While Mom and Dad played grown up games, we kids amused ourselves on the upper level at Circus, Circus.

They used to have Pachinko machines in the arcade.

Note that these machines were originally made for gambling in Japan. A player would buy some balls, pour them into a machine and have at it. When finished, money is paid when the balls were cashed in.

The machines at Circus, Circus were not for gambling, so they were sealed so that the balls were not accessible. Insert coin and balls were dispensed from storage into the player’s hopper. There was some mechanism hidden inside to return balls from the bottom back into that storage on top. The game ended when player’s hopper was empty.

Adding to the fun was a digital score keeping system.

I have always wanted to recreate that with a ball return and scoring system.

I’m going to pick it up from my Father in law tomorrow. I can drop it off this weekend. Is there any particular place I should put it?

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I’d assume somewhere in Vector. @AmeliaG ? @mrjimmy ?

There should be room for it on the right hand table against the wall in vector. I’m out of town till 5/9 or I’d be there to receive it!

I am apparently not the only one to think this way…


I dropped it off yesterday. It is under the Vector sign.

If someone does get it working, would you let me know?
My father-in-law would get a kick out of seeing it work.


I had one of those in the early 1980’s and had recently asked my dad if it was still stored somewhere in their house.

What was not working on it?