Ok so I'm bragging

Shared this in the Show and Tell thread but thought I’d also post here since it is leather fantasy armor. Very nearly complete. Just some antiquing and a bit of gold gilding. This is my first leather project. Bigger build than I first thought but I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.


Did you buy the dragon scale pre-cut or cut it yourself?

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Wait…your FIRST leather project??? :astonished: So go big or go home? :rofl:

So where did you learn how to plan something like this out? That’s got to take a lot of planning to get everything correct and to fit properly. I’m sooooooo impressed!

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That is amazing!!! I never would have guessed it is your first project.

Thanks for the comments! The pattern was from The Black Raven Armoury called the “Dragon Queen”. I got the equivalent of seeing something shiney … it was irresistible! realized there were a LOT of parts… just over 100 pieces. I took the drawings and converted them to CAD so I could cut the leather on the Thunder lasers. It worked beautifully. The edges were a bit charred but by the time I finished it had all rubbed off or cut off by the beveling. I was practicing carving leather but decided that the CADding was going so well I could CAD the images and 3D print the embossing negatives for the designs. Wouldn’t have been able to do this without the Makerspace machines.


Most people just make a coaster or a keychain.

Looks awesome!


Thanks! You’re right a coaster would have been more sane. Wish I had thought of that 5 month ago. I could still make a LOT of coasters from this but I think I’ll take a break.

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I’ve been out of town and just saw this but WOWZA! You are definitely an inspiration. I’m thinking ComicCon, Halloween, heck I would just FIND events to wear this to. Just wondering…how long did this take?

I’ve been working on this in an on and off basis since late July. I was really in no hurry as there were a lot of things I experimented with to find the best way to do them. I CADed the pieces to laser cut them and also CADed the artwork so I could 3D print the embossing plates. The skirt has a TON of scales and I beveled all of them which took a lot of time but I’m not sure it was necessary. I might have been able to do this faster but I was happy with my pace. I’m still tinkering since I haven’t delivered it yet, but I’ve also started my next build so I’m calling this finished.


I’m sorry, but did you say you haven’t delivered this yet?! Somebody is pretty dam*ed lucky to have this made for them. They are going to be over the moon! Wonderful job and thank you for sharing.

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How did embossing with 3D printed plates go? What material did you use? Did the “grain” show up in the transfer?

I’ve used the laser to make leather stamps from acrylic before and I really enjoyed the results.

Wow @steve_a! I think STUNNING isn’t a strong enough word. Very impressive.

I used PLA for the Embossing stamps. The choice was mostly a matter of convenience because I have a 3D printer and the prints were several hours to complete. You can just see the results if you zoom all the way in on the collar and just below the D rings on the skirt. There is some “grain” texture visible but It looks like tooling unless you get close. Its STILL a LOT better than I could have done by hand with my skill level.
You chose the right method of using acrylic. I used a book press and some welding clamps to make the transfer. I have the files and plan to try making them in acrylic plates which would be cleaner. I was actually proud because I came up with the idea myself… I only found out later I was years behind. It’s a learning experience.


Wow! Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. (especially since its positive!)


I’ve done this as a proof of concept for someone in a FB Leatherworking forum who was wondering whether one could make custom font stamp for a LOTR project.

  • PLA filament
  • 100% fill (a 20% fill initial print failed)
  • 0.2mm layer height (2D pattern, so layer height was not much of an issue).
  • Prusa I3 Mk3 printer (thought I doubt it matters)
  • pressed into the leather using my Blacksmithing post vise. (Hammering a 3” wide stamp isn’t viable)

If I’d had thicker leather and/or a real press for the embossing, the impression would have been deeper/darker.

I made the stamp by creating the text in InkScape, then importing the SVG file into TinkerCAD and adding a rectangular backing plate. The text sits 2mm proud of the backer.


Nice job Mike. You’re always pressing the limits of 3d printing, blacksmithing and gaming props. I think @nicksilva used to mill stamps from delrin quite successfully, too. Thanks for sharing.


And Brass. cheers!

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