Oil recommendations for my truck

I was recently given my grandparents 92 Ford Ranger v6 with 92k miles. It’s a fantastic truck :slight_smile:

I’m about to do its first oil change since I got it, and with it being older, I was wondering about recommended brands of oil and filters. I know not to use synthetic, and I used to use Castrol high mileage with my last old car.

Also, gonna need new brakes soon, and pretty sure there’s a leak at one of the wheels. Recommendations there would be awesome as well.


If you still have the owner’s manual, checking the recommended oil viscosity and going with that is a good start. Filters, any decent mainstream brand is fine. I’ve always used K&N’s for air filters since the early 90s but other people have different opinions on it.

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I would personally avoid Fram oil filters. In the Miata world they are known for giving you lower oil pressure readings on the gauge.


In my Fords, I’ve always run Mobil 1 full synthetic with high mileage addative, and either Mobil 1 or Motorsport oil filters. 150k on on one engine, and 185k on the other with no issues.


I’d go full synthetic, but I’ve had bad experiences with switching older cars from standard to synthetic. This is an older Ford that’s never tasted synthetic

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Fact- Junk Fram uses a paper element in most of their oil filters. For the german stuff I use Mahle or Mann, my domestic stuff usually gets A/c Delco.