Nylon6_6 Fabric joining method for air jacket

Hi everyone,
I am an undergraduate student who is looking forward to creating an automatic air inflatable safety jacket for the motorbike riders as my final year project, similar to what they have at this site . Does anyone know of or have any experience with fabrics and techniques for making airtight clothes/wearables or even just general inflatables experience. I have done some research into this, and it seems like stitching with high count yarns and coated with air windproofing materials, but I am not sure how to join it so it will be airtight.
Any insight into this would be beneficial.
Thanks in advance,
Sajeeva J


@matthshooter will likely know


The best technique is using rf/thermal fabric welding tpu coated or similar fabrics together at the edge. Most waterproof bags are made this way. There are diy ways of doing this… Provided it is a proof of concept and cannot be used as life saving equipment. You can also find sil-nylon and other waterproof (coated) materials. Additionally, cuben fiber (dyneema woven composites) are generally waterproof and very lightweight, but are not terribly durable to impact/skids on concrete. Rockywoods is a good place for the more technical fabrics. Also look around at outdoor waterproofing tape. I believe ripstop by the roll sells good quality stuff.

As to the inflatable part of this, look at the emergency inflation devices used by the military. (An example can be seen here https://www.first-spear.com/tactical-floatation-support-system-tfss). They use a c02 canister that is punctured when a cord is pulled which fills the air bladder.