November Kiln News


Bisque unloaded.


glaze unloaded


Yet another one of those moments where I’m in awe of everyone’s work. Some neato glazes going on! Digging that large bowl with blues, browns and nude looking colors! I may need whatever glaze that is in my life <3


bisque unloaded


Glaze unloaded!


So stoked about the plate!


bisque unloaded last night


Damn. FYI kiln-team – it is easier to fix greenware than it is to fix bisque. Now I have to hope that the pieces still fit together.


glaze unloaded


Beth, please tag @Team_CeramicsFire in a personal message with any issues you may have with community fires. We are here to help.


Ah! Yet again so much badassery. You are all rockstars and make really awesome things!


Bisque unloaded!


I am really rusty, but I can still read backward: “Abandoned green, bisqued and glazed work left over 30 days will be disposed of.”

Thanks for the test…


Bisque unloaded.


Glaze unloaded!!!


bisque unloaded


Uh oh, someone else has poured that big mug. Any idea if two of them have marks?


i didn’t look for a makers mark when unloading, so i’m not sure. but i can check when i’m up there tomorrow and let you know.


No worries, I can’t rember if I put one on mine or not but I’m sure I can figure it out whenever I’m up on Monday. Thank you for responding :slight_smile:


Glaze unload November 26 10:10am