November Game Development Hack-A-Thon


With everyone up to speed on the game engine and the combat AI logic underway. Its time to tackle and get an initial intro level knocked out.

Food, drinks, coaching, and internet access will be available.

The team that cracks out the most features will earn a DMS hacktober t-shirt and other swag. Second place gets a lunch with VCC leadership, Third place wins a $25 Gift certificate.

We meet at C Squared Cafe and lunch at Twisted root.

Be sure to RSVP on the calendar event to reserve your seating.


@Team_VCC don’t forget to check this out and @Team_PR could we get up on fb, meetup, and our blog?


Scrum meeting:
Project log: [Project Log] Malum Game Engine



Give us the text and graphics you want and we will post.


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