North Texas Blacksmithing Classes offsite

The North Texas Blacksmithing Association is hosting three separate days of classes with alEllen Durkan and Tom Willoughby. Each day is a full day class. Potential students can choose one or the other but both classes are at the same location of Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch, Tx (Dallas) in Building F on the west side of campus.
There will also be a Saturday Demo with both Ellen and Tom including a tailgate area and auction at the end of the day. The links below are for each of the classes and the demo day.
These dates are Nov 6,7,8 and the demo on November 9th.


For a better map of the facility, go here

Here’s a copy enhanced with the recommended parking circled in red, and the entrance arrowed in blue; the blue dot is where the blacksmithing takes place, in a very nice covered, but outdoor area.
This sounds like a whole bucket of fun!

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There are still classes open for both Ellen Durkan and Tom Willoughby.

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