Next Shapeoko 3 Class?

Does anyone know when the next intro to Shapeoko 3 class will be? Or do I have to specifically ask someone to teach me it?
I’d love to get access to that soon for a project I’ve been starting.

In my case, I’d want it for acrylic sheets and PCB boards. (I know I may have to get special PCB boards/materials since some throw up harmful particles and are banned here.)

I don’t have any experience with other CNC machines. If there’s some course I should take first, I’ll do that.
I do have a lot of 3D printing experience though, so I have some understanding of CAD stuff and gcode that may help.

for the shapeoko 3, you’ll have to wait for the class to show up on the calenedar.
For the citcuit board, after you get the laminated copper board and the gcode, contact @keoliver and you can cut out your design on the nomad. you may want a sheet of something to place underneath the board so you can face it first, in case whatever’s on the machine is not very flat. if you don’t have cam software, you can use fusion 360. Through DMS, you also have access to solidworks CAM and mastercam (in person).
Technically, you do have experience with other CNC machines. You just don’t have experience with CNC machining.

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Hi all - any progress on a new orientation, training for this machine? I took a really awesome and straightforward CAD class, few weeks ago, and am looking forward to signing up for next hardware training class not on a Saturday. I am willing to pay a couple of bucks if that moves any needles.

I’m not accepting money, but if either of you are willing to do a short write-up or show us your CAM project with pictures (you can start a thread in Members-Only) I can meet you at the space and stay within arms reach while you cut your project out on the plastics shapeoko. you’d also be helping other people better understand the process. If you’re not quite ready to cut it’s still a good opportunity to get feedback or free tech support.


Don’t make your own PCBs. Seriously not worth the cost and effort. Order from JLCPCB and have them perfect in a week. I do this about every two weeks. It’s cheap and so perfectly awesome.

You won’t save money doing it yourself.


Thank you!
Do you know the minimum hole size it can drill with the bits we have? Is 1mm (1/25 in) too small?
I don’t need the hole to be plated, it isn’t related to the circuitry.

I’ll second (and third!) this. Just don’t.

There are many relatively quick turn suppliers. JLPCB is one of a host of Chinese brokers. Elecrow, and Seeedstudio are others. If you want to stay in the US, Oshpark (purple boards!) and Oshstencil are good options.

Normally, I’d agree. But my current project is a bit weird.
It’s more like I want to mill something that doubles as a PCB. The design is going to have a lot (like possibly 100) small holes that are all very close together. I’m not sure if places like JLCPCB would do that or would charge a ton extra.
If I can get it done by them, I’ll do that for the final version. But I imagine I’ll have to do a lot of trial and error first.

We aren’t going to have drill bits that small.

Check out discount deals at You can get a box of 50 1mm drill bits for $23 (with 1/8" shank so you can use them in a collet). Frequently you can buy singles of various sizes for a couple bucks each but I didn’t check today.


This looks like a great resource and new to me, thanks.


Thank! I’ll grab some of those.
Is there a specific type of bit you’d recommend for the etching part of it?
This is going to use 1x1mm RGB LEDs which have 4 pads on them. So I’ll need tiny traces.