Newbie! (I want to learn)


Hi everyone! I’m semi-new to the area and looking to get my hands dirty. Are there any members that need help with their projects? I will be visiting the facility soon!


Thursday nights from7Pm~9PM we have our weekly Open House Tours. That would be a great opportunity to get a tour of the facility and find out more about Dallas Makerspace.


A lot of committee chairs, including myself schedule permitting, try to attend and in general are great guides for getting involved in different areas. There is a lot of stuff here you can really get lost in.*


  • the good kind of lost


I’ll be bringing in my car soon and wouldn’t mind showing you the ropes. I just signed up for DMS but have been a car guy for years. PM me for my cell #


Dang, can’t find the PM button! Do you have to be a DMS member to use PM’s?




No, but you have to reach trust level 1

Then click the avatar of the person you want to message, and click message.


Per what @JAST says, it’s a system-generated trust level thing. (Since I’m an Admin, I can see that you’re very, very close to that trust level.) Go read about 5 more posts in at least one separate topic and you should hit Trust level 1.


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