New Tool Resource in the plastics area

We have a new tool In the plastics area . We have a palmgren 2x42 belt sander with a 6” disk sander . This is dedicated for plastics and soft metals like aluminum and brass . No steel, glass reinforced composites or carbon fiber . For now it will be “bring your own belts.” It takes 2x42 belts but 1x42 belts will also track well. It takes 6” adhesive disks . Just clean up after yourself when you use it and consider respiratory protection when you use it. We follow wood shop safety rules, so if you have had wood shop basics you can use the equivalent tool in the plastics shop .

Reach out with questions



How did you make the sign?

Specs including link to the manual are on the Tools page.

@jackietran The signs were made using two color layer plastic sign stock and v carve tool paths on the shapeoko3 . Laser is better, but the sign stock I bought on Amazon is pvc and thus banned on the laser. There is two color acrylic sign stock available from Johnson. Plastics . Let me know if you want me to show you how .

Thanks! What was the end mill you used?

I used a 60 degree carbide v bit . A 90 degree bit would work fine for most text .

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