New to makerspace storing question

Hello! I hope this is innthe right place, I’m new to all this. I am looking to find a place thats right for me and my craft and it was suggested that I look for a makerspace. I do set design for photography and events as well as costume making. I live in a tiny apartment so space has always been a problem. I came up and asked some questions and so far I think this would be a wonderful place for me to be but My worry is that sometimes the things I work on are too large to fit in my car so for transport I have to rent a U-Haul anytime I need to move it. The thing in question is usually an 8 ft by 4 ft x 2inch panel. I use these to make the walls for my set and I was wondering if in between me working on these things I’d be able to leave them up against a wall out of the way so that I didn’t have to rent a U-Haul anytime I needed to work on them? They are very thin and lightweight, just too tall for my suv. Is this a possibility? I was told that storing things can sometimes be an issue but that sometimes projects are allowed to be left there, if I can leave my panels somewhere out of the way then this space would definitely work for me! Im working on making them more suv friendly but i have an event in march so thats just not something I can do right now. Thank you for your time and let me know if this would be okay!


We do have an area for project storage. Its limited to 30 days and is first come first serve.

Its over by the woodshop and there are slots that others do store 8x4 sheets.


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Please be aware though: these are not locked storage units, they are exposed to dust and other elements, and although we do not allow other members to purposefully damage/move other people’s stuff mistakes sometimes happen - we make no guarantees about the safety/availability of storage on prem.

Storage is also generally first come first serve, so you might want to check/reserve one of the short term slots before you get a uhaul/try to move stuff.

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Is there a place i go to reserve online or is it in person?

It is in person. There are short term storage spots which are relatively small, and meant for glue-ups and the like. Basically grab some tape, and in an open spot you can put your name and contact info and the date you are putting it up.

There is also some vertical storage (which is more meant to be for long tall prices of wood and the like), which is usually just to tape your name and contact info on it.

To clarify, project storage is not intended to be a long-term, ongoing thing. We have too many members to allow someone to permanently take up precious space like that.

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Project storage using the open woodshop area. It is not clean and your products will be covered in woodshop dust.
I’ll make your spaces 1700 members, and we do not have the square footage to be able to support individual studio spaces, especially ones that need to be kept clean.