New softjaws for vise

I cut some softjaws today which should be useful. It is cut .120" deep and .25" wide on each jaw.
This should work to hold most workpieces and eliminates the need for using parallels and worrying about them slipping. I fully expect these will get gouged/cut/etc. While not ideal - they can be recut over and over until there is nothing left. See picture

This will work especially well for people doing flat plate work and not having to deal with clamps in the way for facing. Keep in mind the jaws can be moved to the outside of the vise for things especially wide.

If you need any help with this, just hit me up. cheers!


This is great, I will definitely use these. Thanks Nick!

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Are they slotted?

no. it is a standard step jaw. more can be added to them so long as it is for a repeatable purpose. Otherwise we should make another set for specialized use.