New small Part sleds

Thank you @brahli_1337 for your help today…
We have made two small part sled for both sawstops.

They will not interchange between the saws.
Saw stop 1 and saw stop 2 is engraved on each of the sleds…

They live under the saw table extension…

The Micro Jig ultimate crosscut sled coming soon.


Thank you both!


Awesome job guys!

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Out of curiosity - why are they specific to each sawstop? What is the inconsistency between 1 and 2?

Also is it ok (or not) to use for angle cuts (30 degrees, 45 etc)?

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I find that on my saws at home the tracks are ever so slightly different so the sled rails have to be custom fitted to each saw. It’s usually a function of exactly how parallel the blade is to the tracks, which causes the sled to bind if it isn’t custom fitted. IDK if that’s relevant here - I’m using cheaper saws at home.


I would love if we could

These are small parts sleds. Just a straight cut at 90°

If you’re looking for angle cuts that gonna be a one off… you should make a sled specific to that angle…

Might want to add that the rules on the sled - not that anyone reads rules around here.


Seeing how there is a slot in the sled that goes straight up and down… plus screws ! It’s going to cost them! If they try to cut an angle on this sled.

With that said. Small parts sleds aren’t for those kind of cuts… we have two of them at DMS already… we have an Incra and a micro jig sled for angle cuts.

You better add a note that it is for 90 degree blade angle cuts only.

We could put an aluminum or nylon block with a milled slot to clear the blade on the infeed side. It wont prevent them from tilting the blade but might get their attention.

And we should start a betting pool on estimated failure to follow rules date.

I like the size.

Frankly I’m surprised if this conversation is still a going concern. My bet would be on <24hrs before it’s clearanced for angle cuts.

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My brutal way to resolve this would be to embed(glue) a strip of magnet wire to the inside of the kerf slot, and let it touch the saw table in some manner. The soution wouldn’t harm the saw, but the indifferent user would read and adhere to the directions moving forward.