New RFID Interlocks coming online - check your permissions

Several new RFID interlocks (like what is already on the Shark lathe) will be installed on Machine Shop machines in the near future. The Evolution Cold saw is likely to be first, but systems are waiting to be installed on the Colchester lathe, both knee mills, and the Kalamazoo cold saw.

You will likely want to confirm your permissions before the interlocks appear. You can do this at the small kiosk in the common room near the lost and found shelves.


Pass your badge over the reader and it will display “Makers Account Information” which is a list of authorizations for your account.

The data are only presented briefly, so you may want to print them on the attached printer. If you have many authorizations you may need to scroll down to get the print option.



And I’ve been told about this option:

just log in and get a list.