New Resin Cabinet


The new resin cabinet is the second cabinet from the left in CA. The top two shelves to be used for curing (that way nothing will fall on the curing pieces). Big huge thank you shout out to @meanbaby and @coffeebean for helping move everything yesterday, if I had done it alone I’d still be sitting there ripping my hair out today.

All molds stored in this cabinet are for member use, including the empty pen molds. Free to use.

There are two boxes of resin clearly marked as instructor use only, but the rest of the cabinet contains consumables: pigments, powders, dyes, alcohol inks, gloves, stir sticks (1-2$ per project -please pay to misc at the CA kiosk.)

I’ll bring up some labeling tape (blue tape) for people to label their projects.
I will label the cabinet with vinyl letters today.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! Happy resin-ing!