NEW Membership Services Coordinator

Kendra @thefinal has accepted the position of membership services coordinator. Over the next few weeks she will reaching out to the new chairs and vice chairs to discuss volunteer opportunities within committees and learn more about each committee.
This will help us with coordinating tour guides for tour nights (we will be adding another tour day over the weekend as a test later this month!!)
We also want to know what tools within each committee require training so we can work with the education team to determine what if anything can be converted into online or video training.
We need a volunteer who would like to head the volunteer coordinator position in this group to help our members find places they can help within dms.
Much like other committees or groups, we will have meetings and need people who would like to help out.
Please let Kendra or myself know if you are interested in helping out with the new team!


Greetings all! As Lara mentioned, please feel free to reach out in this thread or via PM. My first main focus for this moment is to get with all the chairs or vice-chairs post elections to gather information regarding the departments to help both our existing members and future potential members.


Channeling my inner Walter:

Tour night makes it really hard to get anything done around the space. While the tours are going on, there are constant disruptions. Even group meetings with the door closed are not immune.

The weekends are the busiest time around the space. Adding the disruption of tour groups will likely be a problem.

Please do not plan to have tours every weekend. Limiting the time window would help as well.

I know recruiting is important, but do try to balance that against running off paying members.

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I’ve been at the space recently enough to see that this wont be an issue.

Not sure what you mean to imply by that remark.

I was at the space Sunday evening until quite late.

When I arrived, the work area was rather congested.

Man I miss Walter.


Like you, I hope this is a limited window, much like we do on Thursday nights. We do not run tours all day on Thursdays. As for every Saturday? I can’t speak on behalf of the intent at this time. I think we want to see what one Saturday brings in as often those that are not close to DMS have difficulty making it in. In the past I have talked to people that have lived as far as Desoto…that is a drive! The real goal here I think is to make it easier for those that have difficulty making it up on Thursday nights and alleviating the scramble to find an impromptu tour guide when people often drop by on a Saturday.

I can only speak on behalf of when I was at the space 10/26 but it was not very busy. I saw 6 “on the spot tours” given by other individuals (I was just present as I was working on items). There is no guarantee Saturday tours will even be worthwhile or work. We are running a trial first and discuss next steps from there. Thank you for expressing your concerns.

The training requirements listed on the Tools List is a good place to start. This list is, for the most part, accurate and includes our more significant tools.


Kendra @thefinal - Thank you very much for taking this on. This is a vital task and I know it won’t be easy. Thanks for stepping up to do this.

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I may be interested in the Volunteer coordinator position.


When I visited St Louis’s MakerSpace, each tool had an laminated index card on it that said what the was, how it was used, and whether or not training was required. Each card was identical in format. To me, though it was a small thing, it conveyed a sense of welcome and concern to new members.


Did you take a picture?


Yes I did! It’s hard to see what they say. And now that I’m looking at them, the formats vary. And not all the tools are labeled. The most accurate part of my post is that I visited the St Louis MakerSpace. :-). I’ve got quite a few other pictures I’ll set up and share. (I really will do it this time!)


Those are cool - and we could add QRs to link to training or the wiki for more information on the tool.