New Membership Access

My name is Denice Nieto,
I need: help with signing the waiver and FOB access, I just signed up for the membership.
Days/times that are best for me: Sunday night (11/27) after 5pm and Monday or Tuesday after 6:30. I signed up for a wood shop class Wednesday and am hoping someone can help me out before then. I appreciate you all so much and can’t wait to get access.

Thanks!! :sunny:

The Science Group meets on Sundays at 2:30pm and usually goes on for 3-4 hours. One of us should be around to help you in If you are here before 6 pm.

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That would be great! So just ring a door bell that I’ve read is on the front door and someone hopefully will let me in before 6?

Hey Russell can’t make it today, I was wondering if I should just show up early for my class Wednesday ti get my badge or if you suggest coming Monday or Tuesday in the evening around 6:30-7?

IIWM, I’d just show up early for the Wednesday class.