New member - Tour request 12/11 or 12/12

Hello My name is Eran Shpigelman. I am a new member and I’d like a tour request so that I can get FOB to access the makerspace.

I am available on 12/11 all day, 12/12 after 5pm, 12/14 after 6pm, 12/20 - after 5pm, 12/21 - after 5pm, 12/23-12/24 all day.

I’m also interested in the woodshop safety training so that I can work on my projects, so if I can kill two birds in one stone that would be perfect.

Thank you in advance,

Im giving a tour tonight, I think at 6pm

You are welcome to join, you can try the doorbell if you are early

Thank you,

Tried the doorbell and it worked.

Sotrry, Im in machine shop

Eran did you get a tour, I looked around they space for you but didnt see anyone that looked new.