New member looking for advice on making thin wood laminations

Hello everyone. New member here looking to turn a board into thin wood laminations in the order of .06" thick for bow limbs.

I was hoping to get this done before I leave town in a couple weeks, but all the Woodshop Basics classes are booked until after I go.

Is there a good way to achieve this that’s available to me at the makerspace? I have been making these for years with a circular saw and a benchtop belt sander set up, but I don’t know the tools available here as well. I’d be happy for any advice or help or training. If anyone wants to put time into it with me, I’d be happy to compensate them. Thank you.

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Resaw on the big bandsaw, then drum sand to thickness.

Also, take your time. This is a slow process! Going fast will just ruin everything.

Thanks guys. But am I right in thinking I won’t have access to the bandsaw and the drum sander until I take the Woodshop Basics class? If so, I may not be able to finish this project in time to bring it to my friend, which is honestly a bummer for me.

Would I be able to bring my own benchtop belt/disc sander in and use that? I really just need a place to use it.

Yes to both of those, you need to take woodshop basics to access those tools, and you can bring your own tools to use them in the workshop. Although I would also recommend either grabbing one of the shop vacs, and/or setting up some form of dust collection if you’re going to do that in the general workspace.

Okay I’ve got a more clear understanding of what’s available to me there. Yeah if I bring in my belt sander I will certainly set up some dust collection and clean up what gets away from me.

Thanks again!