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Hi everyone.

My name is Hebah. A little bit about me – I studied a little bit of sculpture while doing my undergrad and living in NYC. I took some jewelry classes then as well. And then in 2018 I spent a semester at the jewelry Institute in Paris, Texas. After that I went back to the city and worked on the design and sales end for a little bit. I’m now back in my home town after the pandemic and want to continue my practice here in Dallas.

I would love to meet up with someone to get a key & sign the waiver, and get a run down of the shop policies.

I can be free on the weekend, or any week day after 5. This week Friday or next week Tuesday/ Wednesday are particularly good for me. In general I have some flexibility so I’ll try to make it work :slight_smile:

Thanks for y’all’s time, stay safe !

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They have open tours on Saturdays that you can join in on from 10 am to 2 pm. Then at 2 PM they have a new member orientation you can also stay for to get more acquainted with the area. Welcome to the group!



I have a at 3 I’m chasing in jewelry on Sunday afternoon if you want to get there a little early soon I would love to come in jewelry on Sunday afternoon if you want to get there a little early soon I would love to come and show you around the jewelry department so can do that while I’m getting ready for my class. Unfortunately the class is full but so I can have room for an extra person if you wanted to try to sit in on it. How can I meet you Moon

Actually, Cairenn’s class is Saturday at 3, fold forming a pea pod shape. We will both be there, and can show you around after the class if you like. Welcome to the area.
Sue Rogers

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Hebah, as a new member, let me provide a translation for you:

“I have a class at 3 I’m teaching in jewelry on Sunday afternoon.”

Cairenn has vision issues and Voice to Text translation mangles her posts from time to time.


I hope sometime in the future to have a better voice to text program the one on my phone is well a list of letters I play and I’ll ask you to unscramble a set of letters and then it different. A word with three letters I didn’t say and missing three of the ones I did side open

Thank you guys so much. Sorry I went MIA – I have been very busy with my job. I will try to come soon. Looking forward :smiley:

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